Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn

3639-2, Funatsu, Mount Fuji

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Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn


Overview of Hostel

Kawaguchiko Station Inn is one of the most affordable and convenient hotels in the Lake Kawaguchiko area. With beautiful views of the majestic Mount Fuji and conveniently located opposite the Kawaguchi-ko Station on the Fuji-Kyuko Line, the Kawaguchiko Station Inn is an excellent choice for any trav

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== Directions ==
By Train: The hotel is located less than a minute's walk from Fuji-kyuko Kawaguchiko Station

( By Train )
JR Shinjuku to Otsuki (JR Chuo Line /approx.70min )
Otsuki to Kawaguchiko Station (Fuji-kyuko Line /approx.50min )

( By Bus )
Take express (highway) bus from Tokyo.
Shinjuku Bus Terminal or Tokyo Yaesu Terminal (approx. 110min - 150min).

Located near

== Local Information == Lake Kawaguchi-ko -- 7min on foot Fujikyu Highland -- 2min by train Mt.Fuji 5th Station -- 40min by bus

Conditions & Policy

Taxes Included

Curfew: 11PM. All payments are to be cash only. All rooms are Non-Smoking. Smoking area is designated. bathroom facilities are outside rooms.