Nikko Park Lodge

2828-5 Tokorono, Nikko

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Nikko Park Lodge


Overview of Hostel

Welcome to Nikko Park Lodge Mountainside. We opened during the Fall of 2005.

The Nikko Park Lodge Mountainside location is within the World Heritage Site of Nikko and a short walk from popular attractions such as Toshogu Shrine, Futarasan Shrine and Rinnouji Temple. It's the perfect blend of nat

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Nikko Park Lodge: Mountainside is about 20 minutes walk from the Tobu & JR Nikko train stations.

For your convenience: Please feel free to drop off your luggage and inquire about the area at our new Tobu Station location. It is directly across the street from Tobu station, and our staff are happy to give you directions to the Mountainside location, or any of the sight-seeing areas if you want to see them before checking in. Head up from the Tobu Station until you reach the first intersection with traffic lights (about 100 meters) and we are on the corner building right across the street from the Post office.

To get to the Nikko Park Lodge: Mountainside location:

Exit either station (which are side-by-side) and turn right (north). Head up this street until you reach the first intersection with traffic lights (about 200 meters). Turn right (west) at the intersection and walk over the bridge. On the other side of the bridge, there is another set of traffic lights. Walk through this intersection and start walking uphill. You will pass an animal clinic on the left. Up the hill about 200 meters you will turn left (north) on a diagonal at the first street on the left. Look for Nikko Park Lodge signs. Walk along this residential road for a few minutes and turn left at the first street. Cross the small bridge and turn right at the first street. Walk up a bit more and turn right again at the first street. Watch for Nikko Park Lodge signs. At the top of the little hill where the street bends to the left, we are on the corner.

Any local cab/taxi company can deliver you to the lodge in less than 5 minutes for approximately 700 to 800 Yen..

Located near

We are located within walking distance from many World Heritage Historical Sites; the Sacred Shinkyo Bridge, Rinnoji Temple, as well as the Toshogu and Futarasan Shrines. The lodge is very close to the Nikko Brewery, the Nikko Wood Carving Centre, a fun park with a 100meter slide for kids, hiking trails, waterfalls, and the Japanese Lacquer Museum. In just a 30 minute walk, you can find yourself looking over the panoramic view of the stunning Kirifuri highlands and impressive waterfall. Or you can stroll to the sacred Daiya River and view the Mysterious Statues of Jizo whom disappear when you try to count them!

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