Hostal Santo Domingo

4 Poniente 312 (entre 3 y 5 Norte), Puebla

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Hostal Santo Domingo


Overview of Hostel

The Santo Domingo hostel is located in downtown Puebla city, three blocks from zcalo (central place) and 20 minutes from the bus station (CAPU).

Santo Domingo Hostel is in a Colonial house constructed in the XVIIth century, the Santo Domingo hostel is opened for you to offer comfort and rest in i

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Of course grabing a taxi from the cities main bus terminal (C.A.P.U) is easy but it will cost you $70 mxn

If you really want to experience Puebla hop on the Beige and Blue bus at the terminals main entrance that reads Blvd. C.U on the front, and ask the driver to let you off on the corner of Boulevard 5 de Mayo and 4 Oriente. Once you are off the bus just continue to walk up 4 Oriente for about 5 blocks and you will arrive at our front doors and this will only cost you $6 mxn and take about 15 minutes.

Located near

4 Poniente 312 Colonia Centro (Between 3 Norte and 5 Norte) Location location location, it just doesn't get any better. A quick 4 block walk will have you at the cities main square (Zocalo and Cathedral) all major tourist attractions are within walking distance. Mini supermarkets, pharmacies, and cafes are just a few meters away.

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

Credit and debit cards accepted Front desk Available 24 hrs a day No curfew No smoking on premises No parking available No pets allowed In case of a 'No Show' the first night of lodging will be charged to your credit of Debit card.