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Ethiopia This is actually one of the only countries in Africa that has never been colonized. Here you will be amazed by the rugged mountains, savannahs and the uniqe Rift Valley, a region of volcanic lakes or the blue nile falls. Beeing one of the oldest independent nations in Africa, you will also be able to get to know some of its exiting history.

Area: 1.134.181 Km²
Population: 65.892.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 58 pop/Km²

System of government: Federal Republic
Capital: Addis Ababa (2.430.000 pop.)
Major cities: Dire Dawa 100.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Amhara 30%, Oromo 26%, Somali 3%, others 41%
Border countries: Eritrea NORTH, Sudan WEST, Kenya SOUTH, Somalia EAST, Djibouti NORTH-EAST

Principal mountains: Ras Dascian 4620 m
Principal rivers: Wabe Shebele 1150 Km (ethiopian tract, total 2050 Km)
Principal lakes: Lake Tana 3630 Km², Lake Turkana 6400 Km² (total, with kenyan part), Lake Abaya 1000 Km², Lake Stephanie 800 Km²
Principal islands: -
Climate: Temperate - arid

Language: Amharic (official), Tigrinya, Galla, English
Religion: Ethiopian Orthodox 40%, Muslim 40%
Currency: Birr (ETB)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 19/1, 2/3, 28/5, 11/9, 27/9
Dialling code: 00251
GMT: +3

World Heritage List: