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Norway This country streches a long way up north, there for periods the sun doesn't set for weeks. A beautiful nature with mountains, fjords and blue glaciers, ready for you to go skiing or wilderness hiking, all year long. Other than that there is plenty to see, choose from fishing villages, viking ships or medieval churches, that will take you back to the most important time of the hisory in Norway - the Viking Age. Best way to combine the nature is by going to Olso, the capital city, that also can give yuo museums, shopping and nightlife.

Area: 323.963 Km²
Population: 4.503.000 (2001 est.)
Density: 14 pop/Km²

System of government:Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Oslo (488.000 pop., 700.000 urban aggl.)
Major cities: Bergen 223.000 pop., Trondheim 134.000 pop.
Ethnic majority: Norwegian 99%, Lapps 0,5%, Finnish 0,3%
Border countries: Sweden, Finland, Russia EAST

Principal mountains: Glittertind 2470 m, Galdhøpiggen 2469 m
Principal rivers: Glåmma 598 Km
Principal lakes: Mjøsa 366 Km², Femund 202 Km²
Principal islands: Vesterålen Islands 2292 Km², Hinnøya 2198 Km², Senja 1590 Km², Lofoten 1308 Km²
Climate: Oceanic - subpolar

Language: Norwegian (Bokmal and Nynorsk)
Religion: Protestant 94%
Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Dependences: Svalbard (62.050 Km², 2330 pop.), Jan Mayen (373 Km², 0 pop.), Bouvet Island (58,5 Km², 0 pop.)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, 1/5, 17/5, 24/12, 25/12, 26/12, 31/12
Dialling code: 0047
GMT: +1

World Heritage List: